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Internet Access need to be restored immediately

By May 12, 2023No Comments

Faisalabad (May 12, 2023), CEO Digital Faisalabad Muhammad Bilal and Director Shahid Aslam, along with Director Altaf Hussin and others, requested Federal Minister of Information Technology , Syed Amin Ul Haque, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif and Interior Minister, Rana Sanaullah, to restore Internet and broad band access immediately. Earlier the Internet access has been revoked in Pakistan due to prevailing situation. Pakistan telecommunication authority intimated to restore the Internet access in next 24 to 36 hours.

In their request, Digital Faisalabad Officials stated, Internet is backbone of all online businesses including Information Technology Services, Digital marketing,  BPO, Medical Billing, Medical and Legal Transcription, administrative support services, Offshore Development, Web Design & Mobile Apps Development as well as for the Online Commerce in local and international markets.

We have more than 750 IT Companies, 30,000 Freelancers, 12,000 Food delivery riders and 3,000+ Ride Sharing services drivers in Faisalabad, who have been out of job as well, the essential services must be restored as soon as possible to help them get back to their livelihood.

Use of VPN is not very effective and not everyone can use costly VPN services to run any kind of Digital Business. We need to find alternative and effective mechanism to avoid any such situation in future. Pakistan’s IT industry is heavily dependent of outsourcing business, and lack of Internet Service is one of biggest challenges, while the Industry is already struggling to compete against other economies in this field.

Looking forward to have a prompt response from PTA and Ministry of IT and Telecom in the favor of millions of Pakistani IT Professionals who are suffering due to Internet Issue.


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