The campus ambassador program is a way for university students to be an effective liaison between Digital Faisalabad and the university.

The top candidates recruited through our drive would be selected as campus ambassadors and will be given an opportunity to work closely with Digital Faisalabad to promote the upcoming initiatives, public and youth engagements through awareness. We would like to recruit people from versatile backgrounds, having utmost potential to grow and expand their potential to help the young professionals achieve major goals with regards to technology and its implementation.

Our drive for the recruitment of Campus Ambassadors is going to have a great impact on how vast Digital Faisalabad can have its outreach and towards which sector successfully. If you are a great doer, having enriched background in community service through IT and leading your campus in a profound manner, you are absolutely invited to be a part of our Campus Ambassadors Program.

This program would not only provide you mentorship in sense of enriched outreach approach and making connections, but you’ll get perks of a flexible working zone and making the right choices. You should be able to showcase the highlights and updates of the upcoming projects, ventures and happenings through Digital Faisalabad. We would make sure, that you get all the essentials required for your outreach and campus drives and would assist you virtually by the support from leadership team.

Skills and competency Criteria:

Candidates must be current students at a university in Faisalabad. We accept candidates from all degrees, undergraduate or postgraduate. You must have at least one year left of your degree in order to be eligible for this role. Essential skills required for this role include:
– Excellent interpersonal communication skills.
– Excellent time management skills.
– Enthusiastic and initiative-taking.
– Ability to work independently and remotely.
– Preference will be given to the active members of student societies of the campus having executive roles.
– Be a dynamic student with the ability to meet deadlines.
– Have Leadership Skills and high levels of pro-activism.
– Be ready to make a positive impact.

What has Digital Faisalabad planned for you?

Digital Faisalabad comes up with a lot of rewards when it comes to young professionals and their efforts for the development of the community. You’ll be getting :

– Preference in being enrolled at Digital Faisalabad’s projects
– Most active university ambassadors will get free passes to events of Digital Faisalabad.
– Become a part of Digital Faisalabad Expo & Awards 2020 as volunteer and future events of Digital Faisalabad.
– Goodies and swags by sponsors.
– Networking opportunities.
– Certificate and letter of recommendation on successful completion of the program.
– Can avail internship opportunities offered by Digital Faisalabad Partners and organizers.
– Get involved in the startup ecosystem of Faisalabad.
– Gain leadership skills.
– To connect with other ambassadors, share resources and get to know about Digital Faisalabad fellows from across Faisalabad.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Being a brand ambassador of Digital Faisalabad you will be doing the following activities/jobs in your campus:

– Promotion of Digital Faisalabad’s events and activities in the campus
– Arrange & coordinate with the university management for events/meetings
– Be a part of Digital Faisalabad social media representative team to promote activities and information of Digital Faisalabad in your university through social – media channels.
– Come up with innovative ideas on how Digital Faisalabad can associate with your university.
– Attend Monthly Volunteer/Ambassador’s Meetups

Digital Faisalabad Campus Ambassadors are student volunteers who represent Digital Faisalabad and assist to promote Digital Faisalabad events and initiatives at their universities. In this role, Ambassadors will develop skills such as event management and organization, communication skills, and the ability to form relationships with various stakeholders. Digital Faisalabad is a virtual platform based in Faisalabad, All ambassadors will be expected to work independently for the majority of their Ambassadorship and ensure that they maintain frequent contact with the leadership team. This is a year-long commitment and as such, interested candidates need to ensure that they can set aside time in their schedules to actively dedicate themselves to this role.