“Digital Faisalabad” is Largest Digital Platform to Showcase businesses, industries, products and services Made in Faisalabad. Our aim is to promote local made products, solutions and services globally and bring investment and job creation opportunities by creating partnerships and collaboration with international brands. Our initiative are focused on inclusion of educated masses from both genders as workforce and encourage the diversity.


Digital Faisalabad platform has emerged to fulfill the gap between Faisalabad and global markets by utilizing local resources to produce world class products, solutions and services. Here are few factors about the background of Digital Faisalabad initiative;

  • Faisalabad is 3rd largest city, 2nd largest contributor to the economy of country and an emerging destination for IT Outsourcing and production facilities. We have 100+ Software houses, around 20,000+ Freelancers, 12 University campuses producing around 4000+ IT Graduates (IT, CS, SE) each year.
  • More than 50% IT/CS graduates either change their field after education, move to other cities or opt for another degree to start their career.
  • Most local IT Companies are unable to grow fast because of certain addressable reasons, i.e. lack of trained resources or due to gap between industry and academia, city image as textile manufacturing place, lack of better infrastructure.
  • Least interest of local and foreign investors to build Tech/IT/ITES and solutions in this city as offshore/outsourcing destination of their businesses etc.
  • Faisalabad having 3 Special Economic Zone projects, 2 Motorway Connections, Dry Port, International Airport, 2nd largest Textile Exporting and Manufacturing City